Mario Popham: Enduring Growth

19th June until 29th July – Cornerhouse, Manchester

Currently gracing the walls at the Cornerhouse café and bar in Manchester is an exhibition of photographs by Mario Popham.

Bowing Tree

Born in Japan, Popham has lived in Manchester for the past decade and now considers the city his adopted home. The vision of Manchester he shares is both instantly recognisable – overgrown parking lots, viaducts, vandalised buildings – yet Popham manages to create a vision that is undeniably his own. In one photograph a tree bends dejectedly on the pavement, caught in the sunlight on a desolate street. The city and its relationship with the natural environment is a recurring theme in this series – ivy and weeds sprawl wildly over telegraph poles and neglected lots in what appears to be a constant battle between nature and concrete.

The denizens of Manchester also make a regular appearance in this collection, and are at home with the landscapes on display. Like the saplings in other photographs, we see youths and young adults attempting to find their place in an ever-changing city.

Boy on wall

Hulme Party

The large prints hang comfortably in this well-lit public space. Due to their size it is possible to view them all without having to interrupt anyone’s lunch; however, I recommend viewing them more closely if you get the chance, there is a lot of great work to see here.


All images courtesy and copyright the artist


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