2014 Frames: Glasgow


2014 Frames is a projected photography exhibition taking place at two venues in Glasgow on April 6th-7th and April 10th-11th, which opened at the CCA tonight. The night began with a short talk and screening given by Malala Andrialavidrazana, who discussed her series Echoes from Indian Ocean before continuing onto the projection itself in Saramago Café. It was a hefty amount of work to get through – especially if you didn’t have a seat – but it was a worthwhile experience offering a somewhat condensed glimpse of contemporary international photography. For those of us who like to take our time when viewing works of art, perhaps it was a little too fleeting and transient, each photograph being on display for no more than a few seconds. The joy of the experience however, was seeing such a great comprehensive body of work in one place. The selections were curated by various prominent groups, individuals and collectives such as Document Britain (UK), Hasselblad Foundation (Sweden), Alicia Bruce (Scotland) and Fotogalleriet (Norway) to name a few.




Screening of 2014 Frames continues at the CCA tomorrow. Full info on the event can be found here: 2014frames.tumblr.com

Images © Alex Hall

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