Viviane Sassen: In and Out of Fashion

Currently exploding on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh are a selection of photographs from Viviane Sassen’s fashion portfolio. As in the pictures themselves, huge mirrors distort projections of her work onto various planes, throwing fabric and bare body parts across the room, finally reaching a 10ft partition where the images can be observed over a 45 minute loop. Also on display are Sassen’s preparatory notebooks and various magazine clippings from Numéro and Purple. Selected chromogenic prints adorn the walls including those from Analemma and Foreplay, photographs that Sassen has taken just before a shoot begins.

Somehow, Sassen has succeeded in portraying the body as a lifeless yet expressive form, casually tossed under drapery and chairs or sculpted around architecture; some even with exotic fruits stuffed in their underwear. There are certainly some bizarre fruits on show here, but her attention to form, texture and colour has made Sassen’s collection an impressive body of photographic work.

Showing at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery until 2nd February.